Head Shots

No, not Favre’s penis.

This past football Sunday was bad for the head injuries.

Helmet-to-helmet hits hurt the league in the long run. If the players make an effort to stay within reasonable, non-life-altering hits, perhaps the NFL doesn’t have to jump in with regulation that would hold players and teams accountable for concussions.

But regulation at this point is the best solution.

Around this time last year, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell testified before Congress on the leagues policies on concussions.

“We’ve heard from the NFL time and time again — you’re always ‘studying,’ you’re always ‘trying,’ you’re ‘hopeful,” Waters said, pointing a finger in Goodell’s direction. “I want to know what are you doing … to deal with this problems and other problems related to injuries?”

Some month’s later the House of Representatives moved to explore the head-injury issue in youth sports.

This is a pressing issue. If the NFL is hesitant to loose fans by enacting regulation, it should consider that whatever is in the best interest of the players is in the best interest of the fans. These are football players, athletes, not gladiators. Yet, their life expectancy is between 53 – 59, depending on the position they play.


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