Relaxation Brownies

As voters in California prepare to vote on Prop 19 this Tuesday, lovers/entrepreneurs of ganja elsewhere than the West Coast are approaching legalization a little differently. Terry Harris, of Cordova, TN, has just filed a registered trademark for the World’s First Relaxation Brownies.

Being a Tennessee resident myself, I first saw these brownies in a liquor store/head shop mash-up (we do things all at once down here). I’m not sure how far they’ve made it outside of TN, but in Nashville they cost $2.99 each and were just thrown about with other drug-related paraphernalia.

Here is how they were advertised:

You can visit for more information. There are even opportunities to become a “distributor.” I wasn’t able to find an ingredient list, but expect a documented experiment to surface here soon.


How Does Caffeine Work? A Scientific Study

I’m still not sure, but here are some positives:

  • Caffeine makes pain relievers 40% more effective in relieving headaches and helps the body absorb headache medications more quickly, bringing faster relief
  • Caffeine relaxes the internal anal sphincter muscles
  • tastes great as a latte, superb accessory for when you’re running late to class and want to look worldly


  • toxic to  animals such as dogs, horses, and parrots
  • also mollusks, insects, and poor spiders
  • when taken in a powdered form, kills you.

You decide, America. Keep pot illegal though; that stuff is REALLY SERIOUSLY HARMFUL.





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