Love in the Time of Cholera

Why is Haiti so fucked? A wave a cholera, which we haven’t really heard about since Garcia Marquez, hit Haiti three weeks ago and shows little resistance to efforts made to halt its spread:

Cholera, which is spread mostly by water contaminated with bacteria-carrying feces, can be easily prevented with proper handwashing, water purification, and proper sanitation.

Schindall says the key task to combating this latest epidemic is to inform people of the basics of this illness.

Basically, cholera can be prevented by practicing normal hygienic habits.  It’s not that Haitians don’t have soap, they just don’t have instructions for the soap.


Alvaro Uribe Vélez, persona non grata.

More trouble for Colombian ex-president Uribe. The trouble comes in the form of an award and consequential protests over the award.

He has been awarded the “La puerta del recuerdo” award, one of two international awards given by the Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU. More than 100 organizations signed a manifesto against this award and for Uribe to be tried in an international court for war crimes.

In Colombia, he’s still a hero to some.

El Tiempo reports:

Además piden que Uribe “responda ante la Corte Penal Internacional u otros tribunales o audiencias por todos los crímenes que ha cometido o consentido”, y alegan “los probados vínculos de Uribe Vélez con bandas de paramilitares y de narcotraficantes” y “la realización de numerosas estrategias y campañas de guerra sucia contra organizaciones sociales”, entre otras cosas.

They also ask that Uribe “respond to the International Penal Court and other tribunals or audiences for all the crimes that he has committed and allowed,” and allege “the proven ties that Uribe Vélez has with paramilitary and drug trafficking groups” and “the realization of numerous strategies and dirty war campaigns against social organizations,” among other things.

(original translation)


UFO Alert

They must be looking for something, these flying, floating, hovering lights.

There have been tons of sightings lately. Gawker reports on a sighting in Texas a week after almost identical lights danced over Manhattan.

China has reports, the UK has some reports.

Could it be that all these are just weather or wedding balloons? Are they all military tech testing?

Maybe, but they look like Aliens.


Frago 242

…is the order issued by the US military to not investigate torture practices of the military during the Iraq War.

The 400,00 pages of the Wikileaks-released documents show that, strangely, the perpetrators of torture are not US soldiers themselves, but police and Iraqi soldiers allied with the US military.

Did we encourage a civil war in Iraq? Yes we did. And what usually happens after a civil war victor is announced? Nothing good, unless you consider the stained veil thrown over the hideous monster of wartime a long-term improvement.

When we employ secrecy to fight a war against a concept, can one really expect anything publicly practical to result? Of course not. But this was the goal of the war, to make the public order of Iraq more practical – democratic – and while it is overwhelmingly clear the ends have not justified the means, I would add the means barely resemble a logical precursor to achieving the end.


What’s Next for The Prince

Álvaro Uribe

Whether or not Alvaro Uribe would make Machiavelli proud depends on Machiavelli’s true intention when writing the The Prince. What is important, however, is that Uribe is not done speaking and acting, he’s teaching in Georgetown.

Colombian ex-pres. is still dodging accusations of Human Rights violations during his presidency.

What makes him a leader in world leadership? Pointing Human Rights fingers at him from the comfort of your own alma mater is easy. World leadership has something to do with walking a fine line between right and wrong.

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New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino has a few things in common with Rolling Stone, a Uganda newspaper that published the pictures of the ‘top 100’ gays of Uganda, encouraging people to hang them. Paladino did not ask for the hanging of homosexuals, but he did make this statement:

Which sounds like this statement, from Giles Muhame, the Rolling Stone’s managing editor:

“We felt there was need for society to know that such characters exist amongst them. Some of them recruit young children into homosexuality, which is bad and need to be exposed,” he said. “They take advantage of poverty to recruit Ugandans. In brief we did so because homosexuality is illegal, unacceptable and insults our traditional lifestyle.’

Is it a matter of degrees? Or are there people in the United States who would advocate the sort of persecution going on in Uganda? If unchecked, would people against same-sex marriage take it to the extreme? What role, according to homophobes, do gays and lesbians have in society? Should they just hide?

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