Farewell Pontiac

General Motors and America officially say goodbye today to the iconic car brand, Pontiac. BBC has compiled a video highlighting the car manufacturing company in the 20th century.

R.I.P. Pontiac. My family owned three of your kind.


Relaxation Brownies

As voters in California prepare to vote on Prop 19 this Tuesday, lovers/entrepreneurs of ganja elsewhere than the West Coast are approaching legalization a little differently. Terry Harris, of Cordova, TN, has just filed a registered trademark for the World’s First Relaxation Brownies.

Being a Tennessee resident myself, I first saw these brownies in a liquor store/head shop mash-up (we do things all at once down here). I’m not sure how far they’ve made it outside of TN, but in Nashville they cost $2.99 each and were just thrown about with other drug-related paraphernalia.

Here is how they were advertised:

You can visit bakedworld.com for more information. There are even opportunities to become a “distributor.” I wasn’t able to find an ingredient list, but expect a documented experiment to surface here soon.

Daily Sample Rate

I rate Madvillain’s sample of Marion Elling, William Loose, and Stu Philip’s “Kelly” as a perfect 10.

The original (1996):

The sampled version (2004):

Oops Takes Top Honors

Chris Beckman put this together to a hypnotizing result. A testament to the new age fetishism for archiving. Winner of the Vimeo Awards in the Experimental category.


Mondo Loses Project Runway

Music for Airports

How Does Caffeine Work? A Scientific Study

I’m still not sure, but here are some positives:

  • Caffeine makes pain relievers 40% more effective in relieving headaches and helps the body absorb headache medications more quickly, bringing faster relief
  • Caffeine relaxes the internal anal sphincter muscles
  • tastes great as a latte, superb accessory for when you’re running late to class and want to look worldly


  • toxic to  animals such as dogs, horses, and parrots
  • also mollusks, insects, and poor spiders
  • when taken in a powdered form, kills you.

You decide, America. Keep pot illegal though; that stuff is REALLY SERIOUSLY HARMFUL.





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